Nafaka Inuka Biashara Loan

Nafaka Inuka Biashara Loan

  1. Group must be registered
  2. Loan issued to a member of a group
  3. Group must have at least five members who agree to meet at least once per month
  4. Members must be willing to contribute daily, weekly, or Monthly savings
  5. Attend monthly group meeting and training
  6. Individual lending based on total cumulative group savings
  7. All members must be operating a business within the area accessible by the group
  8. A member of the group shall get a loan three times the deposits
  9. Loan will range from Kshs. 10,000.00 to 500,000.00
  10. The repayment period will be twelve months

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P.O. BOX: 30586- 00100, Nairobi. NCPB Nairobi Grain silos Complex, Donholm,Nairobi, Kenya. Off Outering Road. TELEPHONE: 0728102039 / 0737479373

EMAIL: info@nafakasacco.co.ke or nafakasacco@yahoo.com

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